Chemical products for all sectors

Operator of agricultural machinery

Products for agricultural machinery operators

Headlamp repair/ Car painting shop

Solvents for automotive paints

Auto repair shop

Automotive antifreeze / Coolants & workshop floor cleaners

Metal Constructions

Nitro thinner for metal constructions paints

Agricultural machinery industry

Special solvents for agricultural machinery paints

Furniture industry

Nitro Thinner, Polyurethane Thinner for paints, varnishes, primers

Road Marking

Thinner for road marking

Solar Water Heaters

Antifreeze for solar water heaters

Polyester Constructions

Polyester resins for various construction


Developing Chemistry
b chemicals

The B Chemicals series is  Printsol new strategic initiative. It represents the retail expression of its commercial activity and stems from its knowledge of the chemical market, as well as the surplus capacity of both itself and its suppliers.

Having developed significant expertise in forging partnerships with international firms aimed at added value products, and through continuous research and development, it has created a new range of products. These products aim to meet emerging needs in a constantly evolving market that seeks new and innovative solutions.


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