B Chemicals

The B Chemicals series is Printsol’s new strategic venture. It represents the retail expression of its commercial activities and stems from its knowledge of the chemical market, as well as the surplus capacity of both itself and its suppliers.

Having developed significant expertise in forging partnerships with international firms targeting added value products, and through continuous research and development, it has created a new range of products. These products aim to address emerging needs in a market that is constantly changing and seeking new and innovative products.

Printsol started as a materials trading company for the Graphics Arts sector. Continuous exploration and evolution have transformed Printsol into a company that already has a presence in several sectors such as Offset Printing, Flexography, Detergents, Colors & Construction Materials, etc.


Our vision is to improve the services and products offered with strict adherence to the criteria set in terms of environmental awareness and social contribution.

Strategic Alliances

Despite its continuous organic evolution, Printsol does not rest. As part of the qualitative improvement of the services it offers, it forges strategic alliances with trusted-certified carriers and reputable scientific-technical partners, thus creating a flow in the services provided. This gradually establishes Printsol in the consciousness of its customers as a reliable partner.

Customer-Centric Approach

By basing its operations on the needs of its customers, it continuously orients and focuses on building trusting relationships, incorporating models and techniques that primarily meet the expectations and requirements of modern companies.

Product Search

Understanding the needs of its customers and monitoring market trends, as well as changes in the regulatory framework for various materials, Printsol seeks and recommends improved, certified products to its clients that meet the modern market demands and are fully compliant with existing legislation

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